About Boris Munoz Design

Boris Munoz Design is your best option in Denton, TX, for architectural remodeling, residential designs, and custom home plans. We officially started in September last year but have worked on side projects for over two years. Our team is composed of self-motivated individuals who are in the process of creating our brand, focusing on fresh new designs and ideas that are unordinary and different. As millennials, we are trying to open the way for a new era of residential architecture.

Our team specializes in the field that involves using technical drawings to communicate ideas, designs, and plans for constructing buildings and structures. We are self-motivated architectural designers looking to expand our clientele and portfolio. Our rates are highly competitive while also getting over a decade of residential architectural experience. We are always willing to negotiate to gain our client's business in order to create long-term business relationships.

Boris Munoz Design understands that your time is valuable, so we strive to complete projects efficiently without sacrificing quality. Contact us today for more information - we look forward to helping you with your residential design needs!